Kombat Tag, llc

Tactical Indoor/Outdoor Laser Tag


  • Light weight small-machine gun for quick damage.
  • Ideal for close-quarters combat and yard battles.
  • Heavy firepower for when you need it most.
  • Pick your enemies off at a distance.
  • The trusty standard issue M9 pistol.
The Armory

The weapons of Kombat use technology adapted from military combat simulation training. Kombat weapons "shoot" with infrared light (similar to what a television remote uses) which is completely eye-safe.
Unlike paintball or airsoft, our laser tag equipment has no projectiles, which means no pain, no safety gear, and no mess. As an added bonus each weapon type has realistic size, weight, sound, muzzle flash and adjustable rounds, magazine, and damage. Most are equipped with a scope and adjustable stock.

Scout Class Laser Tag
RNG     <<<
DMG    <<
ROF     <<<
MAG     <<<
REL      <<
Infantry Class Laser Tag
RNG     <<<<
DMG    <<<
ROF     <<<
MAG     <<
REL      <<
Trooper Class Laser Tag
RNG     <<<
DMG    <
ROF     <<<<<
MAG     <<<<
REL      <<<
Sniper Class Laser Tag
RNG     <<<<<
DMG    <<<<<
ROF     <
MAG     <
REL      <<<<
Command Class Laser Tag
RNG     <<
DMG    <<<<
ROF     <<<
MAG     <<
REL      <<

What's Your Favorite Gaming Configuration?

**All settings can be customized to suit players experience and game play.


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