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  • We do birthday parties like no one else.
  • This is a whole new generation of outdoor laser tag.
  • Everyone loves gaming together on the battlefield.
Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone play Kombat Tag?
Unfortunately not everyone is old enough to enjoy the activity of outdoor laser tag or arrow tag. While laser tag and arrow tag are typically open to anyone 8* years of age, certain basic safety requirements must be met.  Our structured game play is designed to encourage teamwork, communication and cooperation. Kombat's  guarantees an experience unlike any other.

What can I expect at my party or attending someone's event?
After an equipment & safety briefing, your Mission Director will go through the various scenarios and games you will play. Missions vary depending on your location, group size and space.

What should I wear?
Solid footwear is a must! We recommend sturdy shoes. Loose fitting or comfortable clothes  makes running and moving around easier.

How well does the laser tag equipment work indoors and at night?
Our equipment is made to work outside in bright sunlight, indoors with lights or in a darkened area. It also works great at night. We recommend caution for younger players in dark environments.

What do I need to provide when the event is at my location?
Nothing...everything needed to play is included in the price. You only need to provide anything else you want for your party (ie - food, seating, music etc.).

How long do the missions last?
The length of the missions will vary from 5 minutes to 30 minutes. Several factors are considered when determining the mission time. The age of the players, the size of the field, the mission objective, the number of players that need to participate in the event and the weather conditions.

How do you win the games?
Each mission has a different objective. Teams that are able to score the most victories for each mission wins the game.

If you have any additional questions about Kombat Tag llc please contact us at 989-272-3483.

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